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The Black Widow Agency (BWA) was established in March 2015, as three of the members came together in unlikely circumstances to rid the world of one degrading and chauvinistic man. The full story of this starter mission can be found here. After that one night of drinks, cats, seduction, and ultimately murder, Julia James and Edie Waz (cousins) called on their grandmother, Margaret Pinault, who had much experience with men like those that the three women were going after. It turns out that years ago, after killing her second husband, she started an organization called W.I.D.O.W. This organization had similar goals in mind, and Margaret was longing to expand. Branching off of W.I.D.O.W., the four women established a modern entity called Black Widow Agency (BWA). Margaret serves as the founder, of course; Julia and Edie are co-chairwomen; and Julia’s best friend, Sylvia Stone (who was the third woman in the starter mission), will act as a top agent. With all four women living separate lives away from the agency, they are able to spread out and bring in clients from all walks of life. These clients are, of course, women who desire to have their degrading husbands (or bosses, boyfriends, friends, etc.) out of their lives forever. BWA is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To read more, check out the BWA History page.

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