Articles from: April 11, 2015

Evidence #03

Upon further investigation in the home of Groom and Daphne, we came across a small, suspicious black box that rested among old gaming equipment. It was cracked open and inside it was a large computer chip and a magnet. It wouldn’t have seemed suspicious without the animal fur that was visible around it. We believe this could have been used to deactivate NoirCat’s microchip. Edie photographed the box where it was found to document it as evidence. The box can be seen in the photo below, inside the red circle. After we confirm the box was used on the microchip, we will add it to the suspect board. It currently ties back to both Groom and Daphne. 

opened box w/ chip and magnet in




Evidence #02

We have uncovered a new piece of evidence! Upon further examination of the scene of the disappearance, we decided that is was smart to interview Daphne. We know what you all are thinking…why would they interview a dog? Well, we actually hired a canine translator to help us. As Julia James conducted the interview, our translator kept feeding her Daphne’s answers through an ear bud. Although she was a bit short and rude to Julia, we have reason to believe that her answers are all truthful. Below is the interview transcript:



Julia: Well, hello Daphne. I’m Julia James.

Daphne: *Growls

Julia: I want to ask you a few questions about NoirCat. So, I’ll start by saying, I know you’re a dog and she’s a cat, and things can get pretty heated there. But I’m going to try to keep an open mind. So I’m going to ask you, once for the record, what’s your relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: We are friends! Actually, we are best friends!

Julia: Oh friends, huh? I’m not sure I buy it! But anyway, why did we find the ransom note at your house?

Daphne: Because I ate it! I was hungry, okay?!

Julia: Okay then? Well, I guess my next question is…what do you know about Maggie Black and her relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: She doesn’t hate Maggie! But she does hate some community she’s a part of…I think it’s called DS106.

Julia: We will be sure to look into that. But with the little that you gave us to go on, how do you expect us to find your friend?

Daphne: Trust me, you shouldn’t find her. That’s all I’m saying.



April 2015