Articles from: April 15, 2015

Evidence #05

As we followed our leads in the search for NoirCat, we came upon an interesting trail of some tiny red plastic things that one of our agents was able to identify as “soft paws.” They are similar to nail polish for cats and can be seen below on NoirCat.

cat soft paws


We believe she left these as a trail for us to follow. Below is a picture of some of the soft paws found on the scene. Others were more scattered, leading us on a trail through a neighborhood in Fredericksburg.

road with soft paws

We collected 10 in total, which is accurate because as we later were told, they were only on her 10 front toes. We collected the soft paws for evidence and returned to BWA headquarters to take a further look at them. While inspecting them we immediately noticed that letters were etched into at least one side of each one. We knew the spelled something and we were being sent a message. After a short period, we were able to decode the message. Below is a picture taken of all the soft paws together just before we unscrambled.

wood table and soft paws

The unscrambling lead us to the message “Don’t Find Me.” Which leads us to ask, is someone trying to get us to stop looking for NoirCat? Are they framing her? How much trouble is she really in? Hopefully our search will be successful in getting these as well as other answers and returning NoirCat to Maggie and her DS106 family.




April 2015