Articles from: April 18, 2015

NoirCat: The Interview

As previously stated, we have found NoirCat! After following her trail from the “Cat’s Closet”, we found a series of soft paws that led us directly to a house in a neighborhood of downtown Fredericksburg. We went inside and found NoirCat, alone and visibly upset, sitting by a window in the house. Julia James stayed to interview her, while the rest of the agency members left to assess the situation. Julia was connected with a feline translator through an ear bud, in order to understand NoirCat as she responded. She was able to get a lot out of the distressed cat. Check it out for yourself:

As it turns out, NoirCat faked her own disappearance, as she feels objectified by the DS106 community of which Maggie is a part. With the help of Daphne, she escaped from Maggie’s watch, in order to assess her feelings and ultimately decided that she can never return. Regrettably, we will inform Ms. Maggie Black of the situation and explain to her that, while we would love to be able to return NoirCat to her, we must see to it that she never feels objectified again. First and foremost, we are an agency that stands for the liberation of females in degrading circumstances, which includes cats. We can not ethically return this poor feline to the same community that she desires to escape so much. We will assure Ms. Black that NoirCat will be placed into a home where she is loved, healthy, happy, and appreciated for her brains as much as her beauty. This interview gave us the information that we needed to crack the case, which is now officially closed. On to Case #002…The Transfer of NoirCat.


Anonymous Tip

After much research and a tad bit of computer hacking by Julia James, we have recovered the anonymous email that was sent to our agency email account on the afternoon of Monday April 13. It had mysteriously disappeared from our Inbox thirty seconds after we received it, and we have been unable to find it until now. Julia is still unable to obtain access to the email account, as it appears to not exist anymore. Although this tip is awfully mysterious, we are certainly grateful for the person who sent it. We were unsure where to go from the lack of evidence in the abandoned building, so this tip was a lifesaver!


The contents of the email are as follows: “BWA, … Go to the Cat’s Closet now. Don’t question this email or my anonymity…just go! The address is … 819 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401 … It will be worth the trip, I promise. … Anonymous”


As an agency, we want to send a heartfelt thank you to the sender of this email. It was a major piece of the case that has led us to finding NoirCat.

Anonymous Tip



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