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Evidence #02

We have uncovered a new piece of evidence! Upon further examination of the scene of the disappearance, we decided that is was smart to interview Daphne. We know what you all are thinking…why would they interview a dog? Well, we actually hired a canine translator to help us. As Julia James conducted the interview, our translator kept feeding her Daphne’s answers through an ear bud. Although she was a bit short and rude to Julia, we have reason to believe that her answers are all truthful. Below is the interview transcript:



Julia: Well, hello Daphne. I’m Julia James.

Daphne: *Growls

Julia: I want to ask you a few questions about NoirCat. So, I’ll start by saying, I know you’re a dog and she’s a cat, and things can get pretty heated there. But I’m going to try to keep an open mind. So I’m going to ask you, once for the record, what’s your relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: We are friends! Actually, we are best friends!

Julia: Oh friends, huh? I’m not sure I buy it! But anyway, why did we find the ransom note at your house?

Daphne: Because I ate it! I was hungry, okay?!

Julia: Okay then? Well, I guess my next question is…what do you know about Maggie Black and her relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: She doesn’t hate Maggie! But she does hate some community she’s a part of…I think it’s called DS106.

Julia: We will be sure to look into that. But with the little that you gave us to go on, how do you expect us to find your friend?

Daphne: Trust me, you shouldn’t find her. That’s all I’m saying.


Help Find Noir Cat

To aid our search in locating Noir Cat, we request the community’s help. Please be on the lookout for Noir Cat and contact us if you have any information! We also ask the public to spread the following flyer. Printing it and posting it around town or sharing it online will both help. The more eyes looking for Noir Cat, the more successful our search will be. Thank You. #BWA

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.40.32 PM

Suspect Board


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.13.40 PM

We have started our case, found one piece of evidence, and made connections with four suspects: Maggie Black, Joan Crawford, Jim Groom, and Daphne (Groom’s dog). With the amount of people and pieces of evidence that will likely be associated with the alleged victim, NoirCat, eventually, we decided to organize the case on a suspect board. Our agency will continue to update this board with any new evidence that we find and any personal connections that we make. These updates will be found in this section of the Black Widow Agency Website.


Board Update – 4/8/2015 16:21

NoirCat’s Tracker is no longer connecting with Black’s tracking device. Suspicious of deactivation of the tracking chip in NoirCat placed by Joan Crawford, VMD.


Board Update – 4/12/2015 10:28

Our suspicions of deactivation of the microchip in NoirCat have been confirmed. We discovered a box that was cracked open to reveal a magnetic strip inside. It was clearly used to disable Crawford’s microchip. This piece of evidence was found at Groom’s location.


Board Update – 4/14/2015 19:53

Daphne’s interview revealed that she did eat a portion of the ransom note, she claims to be NoirCat’s best friend, and NoirCat holds hatred for Maggie’s ds106 community.


Upon leaving Groom’s location, we discovered NoirCat’s tag on the corner of College Avenue and William Street. In the yard of an abandoned building, the matching pink collar caught Sylvia’s eye.

It is clear from the DNA found in the building that NoirCat spent an undefined amount of time there. After Edie received an anonymous tip, the agency members visited the “Cat’s Closet” store on Caroline Street. The tip turned out to be accurate, as we captured an image of NoirCat in the kitty door. As of this point, it is unclear whether she was alone or not.


Board Update- 4/19/15 11:09

After following the trail of NoirCat from the “Cat’s Closet”, we discovered a series of soft paws that clearly belonged to her with the phrase, “Don’t Find Me”, spelled out in the ten pieces. This piece of evidence led us to an empty house in a neighborhood of downtown Fredericksburg, where we discovered NoirCat sitting by a window. Julia James conducted an interview with her in which we found out that NoirCat faked her own disappearance because she felt objectified by the DS106 community that Maggie is a part of. She refuses to return.


This discovery has eliminated all other suspects included on the board, and it leaves only one culprit: NoirCat, herself. She is the victim and the catnapper in this case. By designing and organizing this suspect board, we were able to assess all options and finally get to the bottom of this case.


Evidence #01

We have our first breakthrough in the case of “The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce”! Upon looking at the evidence provided by Maggie Black and Jim Groom, our agency decided that looking for the ransom note that Groom accused his dog, Daphne, of eating, was our first step. Outside of the address that one of our informants provided us for Groom, we searched the premises for remnants of the note. After hours of searching, we found three scraps of paper. Based on this piece of evidence, we can conclude that NoirCat has definitely been catnapped. She is not just hiding from Maggie like our first suspicions concluded. Below are the scraps that we put together in logical order:


"We have you cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie..."

“We have your cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie…”


Obviously, the rest of the note is missing, so we do not know where the catnappers desire to meet. We do know that the first three letters are “Pie…” The construction of the note is very unorthodox, typical of a criminal or someone who struggles using the computer. It’s not much, but it’s something.



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