Case Files: Photography

Some of the most important parts of this case were from the photography we were able to capture first hand at the locations where NoirCat was sighted. During our investigation, we compiled all of our photos that we took and placed them into a classified file for future use. Now that the case is coming to a close, we can officially release them all to the public and announce that we had taken these photos based on where we visited.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.17.10 AM These photos were taken in downtown Fredericksburg where we had found cat hair evidence which matched the DNA of NoirCat. We identified a hole in the building where she could have been staying. However, there were no signs of her.17115222566_73e72356d8_n17141168215_026a9c56b5_n16953621770_0e7da0a5c8_n

We received an anonymous tip to go to the “Cat’s Closet” in downtown Fredericksburg, when, upon arriving, we noticed multiple cats in the location. We immediately directed ourselves towards the back of the store and caught a glimpse of a black cat slinking out the back door. Edie was able to snap a picture before we lost her. Sources confirmed that the tail was NoirCat’s.


After following NoirCat’s trail through evidence, tips, and hunches. We final found the safe house she had been living in. This is also where we did our final interview to get her side of the story. We captured a photo of the house before we approached it.


These photos allowed us to document our trail on NoirCat and also provides us with hard copy evidence of our case.



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