Let Me See Your PussPort at the Gate!

If this agency knows one thing, they know how to make someone disappear. That is exactly why we had to discontinue our services for Maggie Black and take on NoirCat as our new client. Considering all of the degradation and objectification that she faced as being part of the DS106 community, she decided that she could not and would not return. She could not even fathom the idea of returning to a community that merely uses her “pretty face” to put on cards, photos, and many other assignments. Black Widow Agency will not stand for this kind of treatment of women, so we decided to help NoirCat, or should I say Ivanna Befree! That is her new name and identity, as Julia James constructed a  “PussPort” for Ivanna that will be used to send her to Japan. At this location, there are many cat sanctuaries and homes that will respect her beauty, as well as her brains. Julia also helped to changed her physical identity by dying part of her hair white and giving her an outfit that would allow her to fit in with the cats in Japan. She doesn’t even look like the same cat anymore! By designing the “PussPort” and changing Ivanna’s appearance, Julia has completed Phase One of our Case #002 The Transfer of NoirCat. Ivanna Befree will be much happier in Japan, as she will be free to do what her heart desires!


PussPort cover



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