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Recently we received a package from NoirCat. It is the basket that she was kept in as a baby, and it contained two special items for Maggie to remember her by. NoirCat requested that we deliver it to her as a goodbye to help give Maggie some peace of mind. The basket can be seen below.

NoirCat Basket

First, she left her a letter explaining it all. The letter can be seen below, and reads:

My Dear, Dark Maggie,
            I’m sorry I left, but I had to. I needed a break and this was the only way. I could no longer take the objectification from you and the DS106 community. You all made what I am into a joke. You turned who I am into a specific thought, feeling, and genre. But, like the concept of noir, I am none of those; I am so much more. Our relationship was abused and beaten down to a point where it hurt to be with you. So, I left. It means the world to me that you went through all the trouble you did in order to find me, but I can’t come back. You’re not ready and neither am I. I thought I could just spend a few days away to figure out my true feelings, but it wasn’t enough. Therefore, I have, with the help of my new friends the Black Widow Agency, decided to take an indefinite vacation.
            Do not blame yourself as you are not the sole reason for me leaving. I will miss you my friend. But keep close the memories we have made throughout the years. Please keep in mind the feelings of the next NoirCat. I hope that she will have a better experience than I did and only be given the love and community of the Noir/DS106 family. Take care of Daphne for me!
With love,
Meowdred (NoirCat)



Noir Cat signed the letter with a paw print.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.16.19 PM


The second thing NoirCat sent for Maggie was a few pictures of herself to let Maggie know that she was happy in her new home and doing well. In these pictures, NoirCat removed her disguise. This was done under our advice/supervision so that no one would recognize her there taking these pictures and no one who saw the pictures would know her new identity of Ivanna. The three pictures we deemed acceptable to give to Maggie because they wouldn’t give too much away, are below. NoirCat took them at various sites and locations while traveling around her new home.

NoirCat Basket

NoirCat Basket

NoirCat Basket

Unfortunately, the BWA had an addition to the basket, which included an invoice for Maggie. Although we are good friends with both her and NoirCat, our services and work time cannot be freely given out. Grandma did, however, consign to letting us waive the Results and Findings fee, which seemed very fair after we took on NoirCat as our client and had to dismiss Maggie’s case. The invoice, and last item in the basket, is below.

NoirCat Basket




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