BWA History

The Black Widow Agency was put together when the four members Edie Waz, Julia James, Margaret Pinualt, and Sylvia Stone all worked together in Edie’s bar in Pennsylvania as the MaNOIRpulators. Margaret is the grandmother of Edie and Julia, and she had her own organization called W.I.D.O.W, which helped the basing of the agency. Sylvia is the best friend of Julia and met Julia at Edie’s bar in Pennsylvania where they all got together. It was shocking to find out that the three of them were actually all there to do the same thing but had no idea. Julia is a legal secretary, Edie owns the bar, and Sylvia is a newspaper reporter, but they all had the same goal of going after the same man. Julia and Edie learned a lot in their lifetime from their grandmother and used it to help accomplish their task. Once they accomplished what they needed to, and Margaret found out, she decided to branch out her company. They all became part of this¬†agency since the four of them had the same mindset when it came to getting tasks completed. So this is how, in March of 2015, the Black Widow Agency was started.

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